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'Purple Flowers' Bird House #138

'Purple Flowers' Bird House #138

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'Purple Flowers' Bird House is one of a kind and unique birdhouse finished in a decoupage process, painted and sealed ready for outside. 

It's been made by Dad/Stan, from team BeSt, and finished by Bette/Mum. As pictured it has a green roof and a purple perch. The walls are covered in lots of pretty flowers and even some butterflies and a bee!

This can be attached to a pole or post by a couple of screws through the backing timber. It will need a coat of marine varnish in about 3 years to give it more life and help protect it. And kept out of direct sun will keep it looking bright and crisp too. 

The actual house is about 39cm high by 14cm wide (at base) and 32cm deep/long including the 7cm for the yard and porch. It's about 36cm wide at its widest point where the roof meets the walls. 

At the side is a door for easy clean out once the birds have grown up and left the nest! 

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