Birds, Bees and Me

What's Birds, Bees and Me all about, I hear you say...

Well the Birds are about Bette and Stan (aka Mum and Dad) making beautiful unique bird houses and pretty-ing up bee hives too. They run under the name of BeSt (get it?)

The Bees are my husband Paul's thing. He loves working with bees and they really are amazing and clever little things. His side is called Fairy Hill Honey and you can read more about that under his page. He also has Young Bees and if you have been redirected here is the page you need Young Bees

I'm Kim, the Me bit! I sew and my love these days is quilting. Kimar has been my business name for a loooooong time.

Thank you for stopping by. Please contact us if you have any questions and visit as often as you can, as our stock will always be changing.