About Us

I guess you could say we are the awesome foursome! Bette and Stan making and decorating the birdhouses, Paul playing with the bees and them making us beautiful honey to bottle. Me - I'm the me part of the name! I love to sew, especially quilting. 

We have all been doing our 'thing' for several years now but mid January 2023 decided it was time for a website and so here we are. I'm sure it will change and evolve as we go along the journey. 

Everything is unique and individual - even the honey as each batch will have a slightly different flavour. Every bird house is made and decorated individually so no two will ever be the same. As with my sewing - most things there will only be one or two of. 

We live in the beautiful town of Boorowa, west of the Great Dividing Range in the South West Slopes area of NSW. It's a great little town and wonderful community to live in. 

And in early August 2023 we opened a bricks and mortar store in the heart of Boorowa. It started as a pop up short term idea but now we are staying for the long term and while we are having fun!

We are in 'The Old Bakery' at 13 Marsden St. Between Shauns Fresh and the Chinese Restaurant, up the driveway. Look for the purple neon sign. 

Thank you for looking at our shop. Visit regularly as the stock will always change. 

Bette, Stan, Kim and Paul.